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Yarra Valley in Sydney

So it was a little last minute€¦ I was going to be interstate but found myself still in Sydney and with an evening free at the same times as the Yarra Valley in Sydney event was on. The event had sold out though, so a big shout-out to Wine Yarra Valley who had a spare ticket that I could use because I€™m extremely glad I went.

If you need a reminder just how good Australian wines are, you just have to attend the different wine region events when you can. The Yarra Valley in Sydney evening was a cracker€¦ Here€™s a just a few of the highlights.

Rochford 2013 Syrah at the Yarra Valley in Sydney wine tasting event

Rochford Wines – Now, I always think of Rochford as a big winery. They have a massive (and top class) restaurant, the tasting rooms at the cellar door are always packed and last time I was there Hunters & Collectors were playing €˜A Day on the Green€™ concert there. Everything seems pretty big. So, it was interesting chatting to Liz from Rochford about the amount of wine they produced and I soon realised that they were really still a small batch producer, and that they were now concentrating on their Yarra Valley estate to produce their wines. Highlights for me were their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, classic Yarra Valley and definitely what the region is renowned for, but their Syrah was the surprise packet for me. The 2013 is ready to drink but will only develop and improve over a few more years. Rochford is already on WineCloud so you can find their wines here.

Soumah Wines – now these guys are buzzing & in high demand at the moment and are at the forefront of innovation in the region. Their Chardonnay is a beautiful new style & if you haven€™t had a good Chardonnay for a while then I highly recommend this one. You only have to taste a few of these wines and you can see why they are getting rave reviews and why the Chardonnay wine two trophies at the Sydney Royal Wine Show a couple of weeks ago. Their Zavarro was also a cracker. I will be chatting to these guys very soon to make sure we get their wines on WineCloud!

Tarrawarra Estate wines at the Yarra Valley in Sydney wine tasting event

Tarrawarra Estate –  Pinot, Chardonnay, an art gallery and a restaurant. I love this place so make sure you get there when visiting the Yarra Valley next. The art gallery will keep you busy one morning when you need a break from tasting and then hit the restaurant for lunch€¦ The wines are great too€¦

Boat O€™Craigo was the surprise packet of the night for me. I had been wanting to taste their wines the last couple of times I€™d been in the Yarra and so I made sure I got to these early. Their positioning in the Yarra Valley, right at the foothills of the Black Spur ranges makes them a little different. When speaking with Craig he pointed out that was where the €˜whites€™ came from, the Chardonnay and Pinot Gris excellent. I really enjoyed the Pinot Gris. Their red wines come from the other side of the Yarra Valley which makes sense. Another one to say hi to soon and get their wines on to WineCloud 😉

Craig from Boat O'Craigo at the Yarra Valley in Sydney wine tasting event

Other highlights included Coombe, Punt Road, de Bortoli and the cheese€¦ hmmm… the cheese.

You can also find other great Yarra Valley wineries on WineCloud as well such as Warramate (one of my favourite Shiraz€™) and Payne€™s Rise (beautiful Chardonnay)… Go on, I know you want some.