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Winter Is Coming – some recommendations for winter reds

Winter Is Coming…

I received an email from a customer (which actually started with a tweet) requesting the following: “Hey @wine_cloud, I’m wanting to order a case of red tomorrow. Would love your recommendations on your wines. Gutsy reds pls!” and then followed by “And I’m not huge cab or Merlot fan. Faves are Shiraz, GSM, Malbec etc.”

Now, this is probably our most common request and as it’s gets coder it certainly becomes even more common. So, as winter is coming, I thought copying in my emailed response would make for an easy (and hopefully slightly informative) blog. Here’s the recommendations for some winter reds that I sent back to one of our favourite customers…

Obviously it depends on budget, but here’s some of my faves – loosely based on SA (as I know she is a patriotic ex-South Australian) Shiraz and Malbec as faves, and excluding Cabernet, Merlot or Pinot 🙂 There’s, obviously heaps of wines I could have suggested here that I know she would have loved but I started with this, a list of guaranteed winners. There’s so many bloody good wines on the site actually, it’s just about getting people to try them. Then people are coming back…

david Franz

– by Dave Lehmann (son of the legendary Peter Lehmann). Premium wines so priced as a premium wine and much much better than your average red…

Soul Growers

- Soul Growers stands for everything that is great about the Barossa.

Andrew Seppelt

Shiraz – His Serine is more elegant than your average Barossa Shiraz but still big enough to impress.
Primitivo – love this. Perhaps more like a Grenache if you haven’t tried this before but a big, rich, crimson red.

Wise Wine

(Ok this is from WA but one of our favourite Malbec’s)

Dodgy Bros

Great labels & great wine…


– McLaren Vale – some Italian style reds with Barbera being perfect over a long lunch. One of my favourite places in the world to have lunch is Coriole and it usually involves their Barbera – not to heavy but juicy and warming.

Something different:



Secco – (NSW wine and amazeballs)
Ok, so none of the above are cheap… It’s because they are all bloody amazing wines. If you are looking for something a little less expensive (and red and meeting the above criteria) then this is a good buy..
El-cheapo (bargain) option


– this is a medium bodied Shiraz so definitely thinner style than most Barossa Shiraz but still has lovely smokey Shiraz flavours coming through.
That should probably get you through winter! haha.
Oh wait: two more bonus wines – both Adelaide Hills and amazing (although a little more peppery cooler climate style)
Hope this helps stock those wine racks… winter is coming…