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My Wine Highlights of 2014

  So, it€™s approaching the end of November and it€™s that time of year when we think €œWow, where the hell did that year go?€ and you start to reflect back on things. Well it has been a big year for me with WineCloud launching in April. So, I thought I€™d kill two birds with one stone and reflect back on some of my wine highlights over the year and at the same time you can take these as recommendations on what to buy for Christmas drinks or presents. Now I must start this with a disclaimer€¦ I am mentioning highlights of wines that I have tasted this year and primarily the wines I have tasted this year have almost exclusively been wines now listed on WineCloud. Why buy from anywhere else hey  😉 So, here€™s just a few of my wine highlights of 2014. Click on the headings for more information on each wine…  

Cabernet Sauvignon

Koonara – The Temptress

Now, I still have no idea what the braille says on the label, but it€™s pretty cool. I can only assume that it just says the name of the wine. I really should ask Dru about that one. Anyway, this is classic Coonawarra Cabernet and although Koonara have a higher end Cabernet Sauvignon, I just love the earthiness of this one with big berry flavour but still highlighting pepper & finesse. This one is awesome value€¦ Ballycroft – Small Berry Cabernet Sauvignon One of the reasons WineCloud got started. You try and find this baby in a shop or online! This is just a beautiful Barossa cabernet with big berry flavours with soft tannins and a great finish. Koonara Temptress


Andrew Seppelt – Serine

I only got to try this one a couple of weeks ago and what surprised me was the finesse. Yes, it€™s a bold Shiraz from the Barossa with plum flavours coming through, but there€™s something about this drop that I love. It nearly has a cool climate finesse that you don€™t always get from the Barossa.

David Franz – Benjamin’s promise

This is just a wow Shiraz that epitomises what is awesome about Barossa Shiraz. If you haven€™t tried David Franz (made by Dave Lehmann, son of legendary winemaker Peter Lehmann) then you just have to try this one. It makes the perfect present for the discerning wine lover as well. Once you have had amazing wine like this, you don€™t want to drink average wine ever again€¦  

Pinot Noir

Springvale Wines – Melrose

Lighter style, bright, young, peppery and fresh. This Tasmanian Pinot is a cracker.  

Sauvignon Blanc

So, apparently Sauvignon Blanc is going out of fashion? Ha€¦ no chance. When the Adelaide Hills region keeps producing wines like these I can€™t see that happening for a while. These are two classy subtle expressions of the old SB.

Unico Zelo – Sauvignon Blanc

This is now my drink of choice for the summer€¦ (especially because they sold out of their Fiano). It€™s crisp and clean, a perfect Adelaide Hills expression. So, if you need to try a Sav blanc with class? Do yourself a favour and check this one out.

Guthrie – Little Things

Another Adelaide Hills cracker and I could drink this all day every day – but because I want my liver to kick on for a while I€™ll enjoy this one in moderation on a balmy summer evening.  


Bundaleer – Stony Place

This is just beautiful€¦ High on acid and so crisp and clean. For the Riesling fans out there this is a Clare Valley pearler. A breakout year for Bundaleer being named as one of James Halliday€™s Dark Horse wineries. Winemaker Angela Meaney is producing some extremely highly quality wines. Definitely a winemaker and winery to watch over the next 10 years.  

The something differents€¦

Bassham Wines – Lagrein

I€™ve mentioned this one a few times in blogs but I€™m not sure people get it yet. Buy this wine!! It€™s awesome. An organic wine and a brilliant expression of Italian varietal Lagrein. These are some of the wines putting the Riverland back on the map! A rich red with cherries and earthiness coming through. If you want something completely different then give this a try. You won€™t be disappointed.

Freeman Vineyards – Rondinella Corvina Secco

Now this is different€¦ but truly amazing. The grapes harvested months after most varieties, a selection of both varieties was dried slowly for up to 10 days before added to the fermentation process, BAM, this adds an intensity that makes you sit up and take notice€¦. It€™s winter or a Northern Hemisphere Christmas all over with a hint of raisins coming through. When pulling this one out, also pull out a Gorgonzola or another blue cheese.

Dell€™uva – Verdicchio

Now this is an elegant little wine you just want to cuddle. Dell€™uva is the only Australian producer of this grape and wow, they have done it well. Elegant and dry, lovers of sauvignon blanc may like to try this one and see what they think.

Andrew Seppelt Wines – Primitivo

Andrew Seppelt has worked his magic with a rare clone of Primitivo di Goi and the resulting wine is incredible.One of my favourite wines in the world this wine has given me goosebumps on first sip more than once. Now, how many wines can you say have done that to you? If I was to recommend five wines you have to try before you die this would be one of them. So, add this to your wine bucket-list. Oh wait, it;s only $25! Just buy it now and enjoy…

Bundaleer Sparkling Shiraz

Now, I think this blog sort of sums this up better than I ever could so, give it a read here. I had never found a Sparkling Shiraz that i really liked prior to trying this one. Now, I could bring this out chilled on a summer€™s afternoon anytime. This one really is a party in your pocket. Unico Zelo Wines - a major highlight of 2014

Bonus Wine

Well, I really have just touched on wines that are on WineCloud haven€™t I? So, I better throw one in that I tried elsewhere. Probably my favourite wine that I got to taste elsewhere was the Yarra Yering Dry Red no 3 – now I€™ve had this before when visiting Yarra Yering and I thought the number 3 was their best then too. iI€™s a stand out of how to blend varieties and quality varietals at that. A mixture of a number of Portuguese varietals that most of us would never ever had heard of this is just simply amazeballs. Cherries, iron, and spice were the three words I wrote down first when taking tasting notes on this one. At $86 a bottle it€™s certainly not cheap but Yarra Yering is what I€™d rate as one of the flagship wineries of the Yarra Valley. When getting down to their cellar door next make sure you say hi to Janine and enjoy quality, mostly dry grown varietals. So, that€™s it! I could go on and list dozens more awesome wines that I had tried this year but I thought I€™d list the first ones that came to my head. I hope you didn€™t get too bored as I rabbeted on and if you haven€™t tried any of these then make sure you do over the Christmas period or coming months. So, what were your wine highlights of 2014? Leave your comments below as I€™d love to hear them.