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Talits Estate and a dream

It’s a gorgeous summer’s evening and I’m sitting down next to the pool after an afternoon stroll. It’s slightly balmy, yet with a slight summer breeze coming through, like one that you sometimes get when there’s barely a cloud in the sky. I reach down and take an olive with pimento, then move onto a French olive tapenade. Roquefort cheese is on the table and I cut another piece. The views are stunning, with rolling hills and farm views next to vineyards and with magnificent ranges not too far into the distance…. The provincial farmhouse was just incredible with rustic French windows and European décor being such a stunning place to spend time with great friends. I reach for my glass of rosé, that cool sensation of liquid gold going down my throat and I’m thinking, could this get any better? Well, I guess it probably could. I was dreaming… I had been sent a couple of bottles of Talits Estate wines and had decided that I should probably sit down and enjoy these, not just sip and review, but to soak it up, and I’m glad I did. The rosé was simply stunning and what I had been describing, is exactly where the wine takes you, on a summer holiday. One glance at the label whilst enjoying the rosé takes you on holiday to France. You are immersed in everything French and the wine just continues the journey. Not every Australian winemaker captures this. In fact, I’d say that most successful Australian winemakers, whilst they may appreciate and learn from old world techniques, usually still try and stay away from trying to replicate French wines, and instead differentiate with other great Australian attributes. Not this wine however, when drinking this rose, you really get the feeling that winemaker Daniel Binet was trying to capture that feeling of a French summer & he seriously nails it. The Rosé was slightly darker in colour than many rosés however, with it being made from Shiraz grapes. On the nose, there was subtle strawberry, but on the palate, it left a long lingering finish of black currant with a touch of white pepper. A lovely finish left me hanging. This was a European summer in a bottle for me and it was the finish that left me wanting just more and more. Talits Estate Rosé As darkness crept in I popped a dolmades into my mouth and then opened a Talits Estate Merlot (yes, still dreaming and still by the provincial farmhouse). The Merlot was decent and interesting for a straight Merlot. It had a touch of kerosene on the nose, yet smooth red berries coming through on the palate. It was a dark crimson in colour, but not plummy or jammy. Soft with a hint of funk, like a good tune from Skunkhour or a Red Hot Chilli Peppers ballad. Overall, I couldn’t decide whether I just enjoyed it, or wanted a little less of everything, but I still enjoyed it enough it to want to try this one again. My wife loved it. She really loved it… Winemaker Daniel Binet seems to have done something a little different with these wines. He has captured the surroundings and bottled it. A little bit of France and a little bit of the Hunter Valley, making for an interesting combination and enjoyable wines. You should check out the Talits Estate property here too – incredible and one I must get there one day. The rosé for me was brilliant. A rosé from Shiraz doesn’t always grab me – however, this one does. All I can say is bring on summer! Talits Estate Rosé Disclosure: Whilst I buy approximately 95% of wines that I review on WineCloud (probably because I’m not much of a wine reviewer and never one to ask for samples and I love supporting the small winemakers), both the rosé and Merlot were sent in as samples to WineCloud. As you can tell, they were enjoyed and appreciated, so thanks Talits. Now, where’s the number for my travel agent… Talits