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Spring Vale We are Pinot Noir specialists

At Spring Vale, we have developed our love for Pinot Noir since the mid 1980€™s. Pinot Noir are our oldest vines and invariably our most expressive. It also contributes 80% of our production and since 2007, we have developed three distinctly different styles to offer the Pinot lovers of the world.

Firstly, our entry point wine is the €œMelrose€ Pinot Noir. Named after one of the oldest properties in our region and from where the fruit is grown, which is a stones throw from Spring Vale itself. This wine is made using a number of specifically selected clones that express pure, primary fruit character and are seen as strawberry and raspberry jam flavours in the wine.

In addition, and very importantly, we also include around 5% Pinot Meunier. This variety, as it is designed to do in Champagne, adds mid-palate weight and a juicy raspberry confectionery character. The result is an uncomplicated, early drinking Pinot Noir that can be paired to tomato based pizza / pasta or even salmon.

Our Estate Pinot Noir is the next and most well known wine of our range. Made from the oldest vines and most expressive fruit we can find each vintage. The fruit is then processed, fermented and gently plunged in open pots before being transferred to French Oak barriques. Each clone, section of vineyard or batch that we identify each year is kept separate for the entire 9 months in barrel, 25% of which is new oak. A barrel tasting and selection is then undertaken to cull any single barrel that may not have made the journey as desired.

The €œMelrose€ Pinot Noir then benefits from this process and ultimately improves the consistency and quality of both wines. The end result of our Estate Pinot Noir is a powerful wine of raspberry and dark cherry fruit, complimented by vanilla, star anise and medium toasted oak. Delicious€¦€¦

We are always striving to improve our wines and offer greater and more meaningful experiences in our Pinot Noir. In this pursuit of excellence we decided to retain small amounts of Estate Pinot Noir from each vintage, store them in our temperature controlled barrel room, and then re-release them when the wine has developed into a beautifully aged, silky, Pinot Noir. This is our €œCellar Release€ range of wines. After all, the only way to make our Estate Pinot Noir better is to age it!

Or is it€¦€¦€¦in going through the barrel selection process we identified three barrels of unparalleled Pinot Noir expressive beauty! And in doing so our €œFamily Selection€ range has been born. These wines are our guilty pleasures €“ hedonistic indulgences that we enjoy at our every opportunity, and only available for sale in miniscule quantities. Soon to be released, the 2013 €œFamily Selection€ Pinot Noir will the first wine of this range and available in December, 2014.

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View the Spring Vale Pinot Noir range here.

Tim Lyne

General Manager

Spring Vale Vineyards