During the early summer of 2012 Brett and Julianne noticed an abundance of crickets throughout their Coonawarra vineyard. With crickets usually indicating a good growing season – as well as being a sign of good luck in many cultures – they took this as a positive omen and settled on the name ‘Cricket Flat’ for their wine label. The 2013 Cricket Flat Cabernet Sauvignon includes estate grown Reynella Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, original cuttings from Bordeaux, brought to Australia before phylloxera swept through France in the 19th century. Reynella Selection grapes are known for their small berries, thick skins and intense varietal character.
The low-yielding Cricket Flat vineyard is fresh care accredited, with great emphasis on sustainable farming practices, including integrated pest management system, which maximizes vine health and overall fruit quality. Wines released under the ‘Cricket Flat’ label have benefited from the rich soils and unique micro-climate of their growing region, fastidiously cared for by hand and made in a style that passionately represents the renowned Coonawarra!

Brett & Julianne Williams
The Williams family have lived and worked in the Coonawarra region for over three generations. Their story begins in the early 70’s, when they ran a mixed enterprise farm of sheep, cattle and crops. Surprisingly, it was another twenty years before they turned their attention to grape growing.
In 1996 the cattle farming took a back seat as Brett went ahead and hand-planted the first vines upon the transitional soils of their 53Ha property – 13Ha of Reynella Selection Cabernet Sauvignon! The inaugural planting of the ‘Picnic Block’ began the chain reaction, and over the next eight years Brett planted another 30Ha of both Cabernet and Chardonnay grapes.
Since the first vintage in 1999 the ‘Cricket Flat’ vineyard has been hand pruned and meticulously tended by Brett, with each harvest being fully contracted to a selection of larger scale wineries. In 2013 Brett and Julianne decided to collaborate with friend, and talented winemaker, Phil Lehmann to create a single vineyard wine under their own label, ‘Cricket Flat’.
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