Ballycroft was originally the name of the cheesery run by sisters Sue Evans and Tracey Skepper. The15 acre property is located in Greenock in the Barossa Valley. The vineyard was planted in 1998 and after the cheesery was established in 2003 the waste water from it was used to irrigate the vines. The whey was also used as fertilizer on the vineyard and vegetable patch and functioned as a fungicide for powdery mildew.

Unfortunately the cheesery is no longer operating however it did give us the opportunity to convert the building into a Tasting Room. Now we have a space to meet and greet our Small Berry Bunchers. Our vision now is to get the vegetable garden to the stage where you can pick and purchase produce as part of your Ballycroft experience.

The vineyard has been established solely by Joe. He collected the cuttings, planted them and now maintains it. The only time Joe lets anyone help is when its picking time. So if you are in the Barossa Valley at vintage time (usually March) you are more than welcome to stop by and help.

We are a small family business with the aim to becoming self sufficient and energy efficient by reusing our waste products where ever possible and in particular recycling our water.

Our wine is made as a reflection of our sustainable vineyard, terroir and the individual vintage. Therefore you are to expect some variation from year to year and this will be evident in the final product. Our philosophy at Ballycroft is the let the fruit tell the story each season, with minimal intervention.