Sell on WineCloud

Learn How to Sell on WineCloud

What can you sell?

Are you a Winemaker or own a Vineyard?

  • WineCloud is open to all winemakers and vineyards to sell direct to the consumer. We make it quick and easy for you to have an instant online web page and ecommerce store where customers can contact you and buy directly. They don’t buy from us…they buy from you.
  • WineCloud make it easier for customers to find your wine and helps you build your brand and drive sales in our niche seller market.

Do you have a wine related specialty product?

  • WineCloud also has a section for specialty wine products. So whether your brewing cider or distilling schnapps and fortified gold. There is a place for you here.

Can you join WineCloud if you have a retail store?

  • If you make your own wine, then yes. If not, sorry we don’t accomodate retail stores on WineCloud.

8 Reasons to sell your wine on WineCloud

  1.  Make more money – Sell direct to increase your margin. Simple.
  2. Take control – No contracts, no volume commitments, you set your prices, you sell whatever you want, no-one tells you what to do.
  3. No upfront costs or risk – Free to use, you pay a small commission only when you sell
  4. Easy – Up and selling in 30-60 minutes, no specialty skills needed
  5. New customer – Access WineCloud’s motivated and niche audience of consumers looking for exclusive wine
  6. Reporting – Full self-service reporting and administration panel
  7. Win-Win attitude – Partner with a group that compliments your brand, is there to help you and wants to see you succeed.
  8. Read number 1 again..

How does it work?

Upload the wines you want to sell

You list the wines you want to sell, you add the price you want to sell them at (it is free of charge to list your wines).

Get paid straight away on purchase

Winelovers find your item and purchase directly from you. You get paid instantly.

Ship the wine

You ship the wine directly to your customer. You set your shipping rates in your store, including International destinations.

Why sell with us?

What is WineCloud and why are we different?

WineCloud is a website that connects winemakers and wine lovers, focusing on premium quality and boutique wines that allows customers to buy direct from the vineyard. While WineCloud could never be the ‘real’ cellar door, we want to provide an opportunity for our online customers to get as close to the cellar door experience as possible.We also want to offer the ability to buy ‘cellar door only’ wines which can be shipped directly from the cellar door to a customer’s home. At WineCloud, we believe that the wine producers should dictate which wines they sell and the prices their wines are set at, while being allowed to communicate their own online personality. It’s actually not always easy for a customer to find that brand of wine they love, or find that premium wine from a boutique vineyard on the other side of the country or world. We want to make it easier.Costs It is entirely free to sign up, build a store and promote your wine on WineCloud. You pay a small commission on every sale that is made.

Promote your store

WineCloud will provide a unique website address and you can promote your store using traditional media, through your email lists, the integrated Social media tools provided on your store, or any other way you currently market. Alternatively, advertising options leveraging our community, across the website, in newsletters and via Social media are available. Winecloud will also provide you with a site that manages the marketing, social media and eCommerce know-how allowing the you to do what you do best, make great wine. We will promote your store as part of our significant digital marketing. Pricing of your wines WineCloud wants premium wines to be priced at the price they deserve. You, the vineyard, will set your own prices. WineCloud is not a discount wine website and we promote quality and exclusivity over price. Discounting will be left entirely to your discretion.