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Organic Wine – what is it?

Well here at WineCloud we thought we could try and write about it, or we could ask the experts. So thought it would be a great idea to get Bruce and Val Bassham, who own Bassham Wines and the first organic winery to be found on WineCloud to explain in a little more detail.

Bruce Bassham - winemaker at Bassham Wines

So here€™s a little bit about Bassham Organically Grown Wines. We thought we would start by talking about what organic wine means and what accreditation required to show that you are an organic winemaker.

Organic grape growing principles prohibit the use of GMO, synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and plant growth hormones. We rely on mid row cultivation, animal manures, composting and mulching procedures to increase soil fertility and encourage biodiversity in the vineyard. Growing organically grown vineyards presents less pollution, sustainability, environmentally  friendly, healthy soils and vines, and naturally better wines. As stated by many winemakers “good wine is made in the vineyard”.

Organic Certification  is a programme managed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) which is regularly reviewed and amended according to submissions to include or exclude certain farming inputs.  The national standard sets  out the allowable inputs for production, processing and labelling of organic produce. Any farmer, grower or processor who wants to export produce or sell in Australia must demonstrate compliance with the current standard each year.  It takes 3 consecutive years of audits for the vineyards to be certified as “A Grade Certified” organic.

Bassham Wines Vineyards

Our conversion into organic farming began in 2007.  We are now a NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd) Certified Organic vineyard as well as being credited for USDA and NOP standards. Bassham organic vineyard consists of 40hec planted to Chardonnay, Shiraz, Viognier and a selection of drought tolerant (less irrigation required) Mediterranean varieties Vermentino, Montepluciano, Fiano, Lagrein, and Nero d ‘Ávola  which suit the warm climatic conditions of the Riverland. The Riverland’s warm dry summers create ideal organic growing conditions thus producing quality grapes with minimal disease risk.

By using organic principles we find the vines are naturally stronger, with greater immune system and tolerance to pests, insects and diseases, healthy soils in balance with high organic matter produces vines with healthy root systems. Healthy balanced vines produce unique flavoured fruit with complexity, structure and depth.

The Bassham Family vineyard is unique as it is surrounded by natural bushland (35hec) flora and fauna with wildlife such as Kangaroos, Emus, Malleefowl, Echidnas, native Bronze wings and Parrots. We enjoy our healthy organic lifestyle and the products that we produce.

Our Vision:

We are proud 4th generation grape growers of the Riverland, we have embraced the Alternative Grape Varieties movement and are growing drought tolerant Mediterranean  varieties under certified organic conditions, motivated by a desire for a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy product. Our love of the land and commitment to excellence brings fruit of the highest quality, resulting in boutique wines full of flavour. So while the name “BASSHAM”  may change with the growth of our three daughters families, with this wine it will continue and so too our dedication to the Riverland of South Australia.

Bassham organic wines

OUR SOIL – organic agriculture builds nutrient rich soils.
OUR WATER – environmentally friendly farming improves the quality of our river, our lake, groundwater and drinking water.
OUR HEALTH – is directly connected to the health of the land.
OUR FUTURE – organic farming embraces the needs for future generations.
OUR LOVE – of the land and dedication to the river and environment and the Riverland of South Australia.

So, that€™s it in a nutshell. Let us know what you think. Would you prefer to buy premium organic wine over non-organic wine? Bassham Wines deliver award winning wines across Australia and can be found on WineCloud. Why not try some organic wine now and see what all the fuss is about.