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Murray Street Vineyards White Label Rosé Review

  So, I was about to start a road trip from Sydney to Adelaide and I knew at the top of my ‘To pack list’ had to be a smashable bottle of wine for the stopover at Balranald… It just had to be easy, refreshing, not to expensive as it was likely to be a motel ‘out of a mug’ glass of wine and something my wife would also enjoy… Luckily, the ever so lovely guys & gals at Murray Street Vineyards had just sent me a nice supply of samples of their new vintages across their premium range wines, with a couple of the less expensive wines thrown in. Now, I don’t get many samples sent my way, probably because I just don’t really ask for them… I tend to just buy the wines I really want to try through the WineCloud site, well because, I just seriously want to drink good wine! So, I get a little excited with samples… So, I opened the box and that ‘smashable’ wine was staring me in the face. The Murray Street Vineyards 2015 White Label Rosé. This was quickly packed into the car in-between a couple of soccer balls, an AFL footy, some suitcases and a picnic hamper full of food (with, as it happens some plastic wine glasses, which were better than the motel mugs to drink wine from) and set off. About 10 hours later I was in Balranald, lying on a cheap motel bed and pouring a glass of wine. So, here’s my notes on this baby… Varietal: Shiraz Region: Barossa Winemaking: No Oak Treatment Colour: A gorgeous light watermelon colour that just exudes freshness Nose: Definite Strawberry on the nose… Nothing more, nothing less, simply strawberry, but perhaps a strawberry compote where the slightly over ripe strawberries have been used. Palate: It’s all Strawberry and cream lollies from those 5 year old kids parties that everyone has to attend at some stage. There’s a slight hint of butterscotch there but it’s just a hint, not enough to be too off putting, but whilst a dry rosé it’s definitely got a little sweetness about it. A tiny hint of cloves adds a semi-layer of complexity to it but really, it’s seems to be pitched to those that jump at a bottle of rosé when the BBQ gets pulled out at the first hint of summer. The velvety mouthfeel is gorgeous though and although one for the rosé drinker that likes it a touch sweeter than the super dry crisp rosés of the world, it definitely fits my criteria of smashable and refreshing… Verdict: Bring on summer, bring on pool parties, and bring your MSV Rosé to the party… Currently at just $20 a bottle, it’s definitely one to stock up on before Spring. Murray Street Vineyards White Label Rosé Review Now, when I tasted this I thought I had to leave a little in the bottle for my mum who I was visiting the next day. This  had to be right on the money for her taste in wine… Well, hopefully Jo-Anne and Greg at the Capri Motel Balranald enjoyed the last glass, because I accidentally left that in the mini-bar fridge. Disclosure: Sample provided by Murray Street Vineyards.