Buying Wine

Why is WineCloud different?

WineCloud gives wine lovers direct access to the best cellar doors from around the world. We didn’t want to make just another wine site, we wanted to find a way to connect you to the winemaker. So, find the wines you love that you just can’t find on your local liquor store. Find the wines from that small cellar door you fell in love with on your last trip the vineyards, or discover wines from premium and boutique vineyards you may not have known before. Buy your wines direct from the winemaker, from the Cellar Door To Your Door.

How do I register to buy on WineCloud?

Just click on ‘Register’ and then create a username and password, enter your name and email address and you are ready to go. Watch or video tutorial here.

Do I have to pay to be part of WineCloud?

No, there are no sign up fees for wine buyers or winemakers.

Do I Need to login before starting shopping?

No, however you will need to sign up when purchasing wine if not registered already.

What happens if I have forgotten my password?

Hey, it happens to the best of us! Click on ‘Login’ if you haven’t already and then click the ‘Forgot password’ button. This will allow you to enter your account email address and receive a link via email which will enable you to reset your password.

How do I change my personal details?

Once logged in you just need to click on the ‘My profile’ section. This will allow you to update your personal details, change your password, update your avatar and write a little bit about yourself. You are also able to look at your past purchases, update your payment details and update your email notification settings.

Can I view my order history?

Yes, once logged in just visit the ‘My Profile’ section, then select ‘payments’ and then choose either ‘transaction history’ or ‘my invoices’.

How do I create a favourites or wish-list?

Just click on the wine you like and then select ‘Favourite this’. You can then always look at your wish-list by going to ‘My Profile’ when logged in and then clicking on ‘Wish-list’.

Where does the wine get shipped from?

Once purchased, your wine will be shipped directly from the Vineyard. They will contact you if any questions about the delivery.

Can I buy from two different vineyards?

Yes, but these will be shipped separately from each vineyard. Each vineyard may also charge for shipping, depending on vineyard shipping set-up and amount purchased.

How much is shipping?

Each vineyard chooses how much they will charge for shipping. This is usually decided on a per dozen wines basis.

How long does it take to ship my wine?

Each vineyard arranges their own shipping so this may vary, however the usual shipping time would be between 2-6 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but it does depend if the vineyard you are buying from chooses to ship internationally, however we do encourage the vineyards to provide this option via our international wine freight partner.

I have a wine that is ‘off’, can I get a refund?

Most times yes. in the unlikely event you do get a wine that is ‘off’ you will usually be able to arrange a return and refund, however it does depend on each vineyards ‘policy’ which can be seen by visiting each vineyards individual policies at their store.

What is the answer to the universe?


You don’t have my favourite vineyard on your site? Is there a reason why?

Oh no, well we better do something about this… How about 1) you contact us and let us know your favourite vineyards and your favourite wines that you need to have on WineCloud and we will chat to them and let them know you want them onboard, and 2) feel free to let them know they should be on WineCloud. They just need to register and apply to be a seller (2 minute process) and we can help them set up their store if needed.

How do I send wine as a gift?

Select your wine and add to your Shopping Cart in the usual way. When you checkout you will be asked to confirm certain details. At this stage you can change the delivery details to those of the intended gift recipient.

What information do you collect about users? How do you use it?

You can read all about how WineCloud collects your information at our Privacy statement.

How do I contact you?

Either, fill in the Contact Us form, email us at [email protected] // , tweet us at @wine_cloud, say hi to us on Facebook.

How does WineCloud protect customer information?

You can read all about how WineCloud collects your information at our Privacy statement.

How do I share the love and tell my friends about WineCloud?

Recommended options for sharing the love and looking cool at the same time:

1) Pick up the phone – you know your friends will be keen to chat about wine!

2) Head to our Facebook page, then choose the ‘invite friends’ option and tell your friends about our Facebook page€¦ Go on spam them€¦ they’re friends…

3) Buy some wine, then invite them around for dinner and tell them all about WineCloud, old school style.

Selling Wine

How does WineCloud work?

WineCloud is a website that connects winemakers and wine lovers, focusing on premium quality and boutique wines that allows customers to buy direct from the vineyard.

While WineCloud could never be the ‘real’ cellar door, we want to provide an opportunity for our online customers to get as close to the cellar door experience as possible. We also want to offer the ability to buy ‘cellar door only’ wines which can be shipped directly from the cellar door to a customer’s home.

At WineCloud, we believe that the wine producers should dictate which wines they sell and the prices their wines are set at, while being allowed to communicate their own online personality.

It’s actually not always easy for a customer to find that brand of wine they love, or find that premium wine from a boutique vineyard on the other side of the country or world. We want to make it easier.

What are the benefits of selling with WineCloud?

Make more Money – Sell direct to increase your margin. Simple.

Take Control – No contracts, no volume commitments, you set your prices, you sell whatever you want, no-one tells you what to do.

No upfront costs or risk – Free to use, you pay a small commission only when you sell

Easy – Up and selling in 30 minutes, no specialty skills needed

New customers – Access WineCloud’s motivated and niche audience of consumers looking for exclusive wine

Reporting – Full self-service reporting and administration panel

Win-Win attitude – Partner with a group that compliments your brand, is there to help you and wants to see you succeed

How long does it take to set up my store?

You can set up your vineyards store in next to no time, however realistically it will take you an hour or two to upload your wines and write a little about your vineyard and the wines you make. What’s a couple of hours though when this can make your wines much more accessible to wine lovers around the world? You can easily tweak your store whenever you want to.

What prices should I set my wines at?

You decide. One of the best things about selling your wines on WineCloud is that you get to set the prices and you decide if and when you would like to discount your wines.

How do I discount some of my wines if I wanted to?

Discounts can be set up when adding wines or if wanting to discount a wine at any point you can go to ‘My Shop’ after logging in and the select ‘Shop items’. Select the wine you would like to discount and then click edit. Go to ‘Price’ and then add the new discounted price into the ‘Price after discount’ section. You can then edit the dates that this discounted price will be available.

Can I provide my customers discount vouchers?

Yes, we provide you the option to provide a discount via a coupon code. Dates can be set as to when the coupons are active. This can be found in the ‘My Shop’ section under ‘Manage Coupons’.

Where I document my vineyard’s policies?

You can document your vineyards policies in a section found in the ‘My Shop’ section called ‘Shop Policy’. If you elect not to put your own policies into this section then the ‘WineCloud’ shop policy will apply.

Can I email customers who have purchased wines through WineCloud?

Yes you can. You will have complete access to email templates and will be able to easily email your customers who have purchased through WineCloud. So, update them of new releases, special offers or big news whenever you want to via the WineCloud the ‘Mail’ option in your account.

What size are the images I need to upload?

There are two main image sizes that you will need to ensure you have for each wine you upload. The height is the main thing you need to ensure is right. 1) Standard picture: Height 561px, width (max 561px but ideally just the width of the wine bottle) and 2) Thumbnail: Height 262px, width (max 198px but ideally just the width of the wine bottle). Contact Us if any problems and we will help you out with any resizing. Yes, we will hopefully be introducing automatic image resizing sometime in the near future.

How do I work out what to charge for shipping?

You can set your own shipping prices for each region. We have tried to keep things simple and allow you to apply one price for each region you want to ship to. We suggest you set your average shipping price for Australia (example $16 per dozen) even if for some reasons this may be slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive. You can also choose a dollar spend value as to which all shipping becomes free if you choose. You can also set your own International shipping fees if you choose to deliver internationally, or you can enter the WineFlite international shipping costs (our recommended provider). Do not hesitate to Contact Us if any questions around setting up your shipping costs.

What percentage of sales does WineCloud take?

Let’s just say WineCloud takes a small percentage of each sale. This amount will be outlined in the seller agreement when you sign up. It is certainly less expensive than most other distribution methods and we are passionate about supporting the Wine Industry and will making your wines more accessible to the general public. We will be marketing your brand and region as much as we can through our experienced digital marketing team.

Do I still need to pay the wine equalisation tax?

Yes, your vineyard would need to pay WET as per usual as a wine producer. Please check with the Australian Tax Office if any questions around taxation.

Do I pay GST on domestic sales?

Yes, your vineyard would need to pay GST as per usual on domestic Australian wine sales. Please check with the Australian Tax Office if any questions around taxation.

How do I ship internationally?

You can either use a shipping company that you have a relationship with already, or you could use our international shipping partners who can help with arranging all aspects of International shipping. WineCloud can provide you estimates of the most recent shipping rates from Cellardoorexpress for your convenience only, however we do recommend you check all rates before entering them into your shipping costs.