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david Franz wine – All Class

David Franz wine tasting at the beach. It doesn’t get any better…

Note: I wrote this blog a while ago but after sipping on a david Franz Georgie’s Walk Cabernet Sauvignon the other day it both reminded me 1) how incredible that wine was and 2) that I hadn’t shared this blog yet.

It was a gorgeous spring day and we had already decided that the first ever official wine tasting for WineCloud was going to be on that Saturday… Now, we aren€™t really the type of guys that need 100 glasses laid out in front of us with a number of spittoons. We were just happy to have good wine and good company. We really just want to enjoy the day. So what better way to spend it than to head down to the beach€¦ Yep, chill out and do some wine tasting. That€™s how it should be right? So, Balmoral beach in Sydney was the choice of venues, and we thought we would try some david Franz wines.

David Lehmann from david Franz wines

I€™d picked up some of Dave Lehmann€™s (son of the Australian winemaking icon Peter Lehmann and producer of his own label david Franz) wines when in the Barossa Valley a week or two earlier and was dying to get tasting them as soon as I could. Now, if you don€™t know Dave Lehmann, then let€™s just say he€™s a character, and also an absolutely awesome bloke. If heading to the Barossa you must give him a call and try to tee up some wine tasting at his vineyards. A James Halliday 5 star winery – you won€™t be disappointed. So, it was fitting that we started things with a couple of Dave€™s Golden Scrumpy ciders. Yes, Dave likes to do things differently and a grape and apple cider at a massive 8.2% alcohol content is just one way he is continually breaking new ground. I€™m not a huge cider drinker and this certainly had a kick to it but at the same time was super refreshing on a beautiful afternoon. I think most afternoons should start like this! But, I was here for the wines, in particular the david Franz reds. I had been blown away previously with his reds and was hoping for a similar experience, this time with Todd and Rob from WineCloud. I wanted to share with them some of my absolute favourite red wines and I wanted to make sure the first €˜official€™ WineCloud wine tasting was a good one.

So, I thought we would start with the Larrikin IV NV. Now, here€™s Dave Lehmann doing these different and breaking new ground yet again. The NV stands for Non Vintage which means he has blended this from a number of vintages (specifically 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 vintages) and it was bottled in 2009. Why? When asking Dave Lehmann he says €œWhy not, it tastes bloody good.€ And it does, in fact it€™s amazingly awesome in my opinion. You get that perfect blend of great red wine with some age behind it, which is silky smooth and almost smoky, with the kick and big fruit flavours of the newer vintages coming through. A fully co-fermented blend of Grenache 36%, Shiraz 36%, Cabernet Sauvignon 24% and Mataro 4% blended across a number of vintages. Now Dave had said to me that this €œhad some balls€ when handing this one over, and knowing Dave and his wines, I was expecting something huge. But it wasn€™t too huge, it was actually all class ,with the earthy Grenache and older vintages softening this wine perfectly. A definite dark plum colour and with both plum and berried fruits shining through on the palate, this is a big red perfect for sharing with friends over dinner (or at the beach if you are that way inclined). It has big fruit flavour, yet a super smooth finish which keeps you coming back for more. This, my friends is why I love David Franz wines, non conventional, but using all the wisdom passed on from his dad (amongst others), his knowledge of the vines, the soil, the grapes and the area that just makes this an absolute stunner. The perfect blend of both grape varieties and vintages make this wine all class. And the bonus, packaging to impress€¦ Take this to a friends house and they are already impressed with rope wrapped around the screw top and creative genius on the labelling.

WineCloud wine tasting evolution

Now, david Franz wines are hard to find as he doesn€™t make huge batches and they sell out pretty quickly, but this is where WineCloud comes in. You can find david Franz wines here all year round. Follow david Franz wines on WineCloud and make sure you give all of his different wines a try. You won€™t be disappointed.