Rob’s 5 Word Wine Review – Wine by Brad 2013 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Wine by Brad Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2013


Rob’s 5 Word Wine Review – ‘Wine by Brad’ 2013 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc


Each week (actually I promise to make it more ad hoc than that) I like to write a little blog piece on one of the awesome wines on the WineCloud website… I’m not going to lie though, I’m pretty lazy. So, I’m going to sum up a wine in five words…

This week’s wine is the Wine by Brad 2013 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River. Price: $18

So, to some it up in 5 words: Fresh, vibrant, hipster, want, summer

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*Disclaimer: I am in no way considered a wine expert… by anyone… I am an awesome web developer though. Just saying.

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